Team Cornwall are business people who promote Cornwall, Ontario Canada.

Working closely with Cornwall Economic Development, and with local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, over 440 active Team Members help spread the word about the considerable advantages of living and doing business in our hometown. Each Team Member is supplied with a set of "Team Cards", similar to baseball and hockey cards, that offer information about the member and the advantages of doing business in Cornwall.

Team Cornwall News

It was standing room only at the Team Cornwall Year in Review meeting, as over 300 community leaders gathered to hear Cornwall Economic Development recap the year’s top business stories. The meeting may have been the 16th consecutive December gathering, … Continue reading

At the recent Team Cornwall Year in Review, Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy correctly stated that it is the private sector that creates job and growth in Cornwall, while the job of government is to create the right atmosphere for growth. We certainly agree with … Continue reading

People attending the Year in Review meeting at Galaxy Cinemas will once again be able to sample the wares of local small business owners. The popular ‘bazaar’ is being organized by the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre, and Wednesday’s meeting will be … Continue reading