Pierre Giroux Named Team Cornwall Ambassador of the Year

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Cornwall Ontario – Pierre Giroux is the new Team Cornwall Ambassador of the Year!

Pierre Giroux - Team Cornwall Ambassador

The announcement was made at the recent Business Excellence Awards hosted by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce at the NAV CENTRE.

“Mr. Giroux is certainly a deserving recipient for this award,” said Peter Gault, Chair of Team Cornwall. “With every stroke of his brush he has helped raise Cornwall’s profile around the world.”

Mr. Giroux is a renowned artist, known for his oil paintings of the interiors of old homes, where the architechure and play of light bring to life the memories and emotions of the space. Locally he has helped visitors and residents alike connect with Cornwall’s heritage via his illustrations on the historic walking tour.

Mr. Giroux was born and raised in Cornwall, attending école secondaire La Citadelle before heading to the Ontario College of Art and Design to further develop his natural artistic ability. During his final year, he and some fellow students headed over to Florence, Italy to study and experience the environment that has inspired so many artists.

When money finally ran out, he returned to Cornwall. Over the next two years he would develop what has become his signature style by visiting old houses in and around Cornwall and sketching for hours. Unfortunately, making a living at art is a difficult task, and he decided to return to school and study animation at Sheridan College. Within two years love and serendipity would lead him to the west coast where he would soon establish a following across Canada – and beyond.  

In 2014 he returned to Cornwall to set up a new studio.

It says something about the area when an artist who has lived in Florence and Vancouver finds beauty in Cornwall.

About the Business Excellence Awards

The Business Excellence Awards recognizes and celebrates companies and individuals who have distinguished themselves by fostering growth, innovation, community service and excellence in their sectors. The awards are organized by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and winners are chosen by a committee of peers who evaluate nominations received from the community.

Previous winners of the Ambassador of the Year Award include Roy Nichol, Lars Ove-Harraldson, Randy Sauve, Tom Everson, Tony Luis and Gilles Latour.