A Note from a Cornwall Mom

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Kelly Landon-Ruest’s story is a familiar one to many young people. She grew up in her hometown and moved away to complete her studies at University. She returned home to pursue her career, married and is raising a family.

What perhaps is unique about Kelly is the passion that she puts into her interests, and that includes her hometown of Cornwall.

Kelly recently posted the following note on Facebook, and we liked it so much that we asked her if we could share it with others. Here it is:

Pssst…Positivity is exponential…Pass it on!!!

If I really wanted to, I believe I could live just about anywhere in the world. I choose Cornwall, Ontario because:

  • It is my home and I love that my family lives nearby.
  • I love my job and the people I work for and with!
  • I love that it takes me 7 minutes to get to work in the morning.
  • I love that purchasing a home is within financial reach for many in this city.
  • I love the school my child attends and the enthusiasm with which the staff greet him each morning.
  • I love that I know my children’s friends’ parents from my own childhood.
  • I love that I have been treated very well by several doctors and a great, pain-free dentist!
  • I love that there was an open spot at a daycare facility for my baby daughter.
  • I love that we have an awesome new arena for our children and a ski hill that is perfect for children to learn on.
  • I love that we have an accessible aquatic centre and outdoor swimming lessons in the summer. We have many, many activities for children.
  • I loved when the splash pad was installed in the park – free summer play for all children of all ages and abilities.
  • I love that when I’m ‘out and about’ I usually see someone I know.
  • I love that new stores are setting up shop in this city.
  • I love that I keep noticing new buildings being built and older buildings being renovated.
  • I love that we have a dog park where my dog can run freely. In warmer weather, I love to take her for a walk by the St. Lawrence River– beautiful first thing in the morning.
  • I love to walk down Pitt Street, stop in local shops, and have an ice cream.
  • I love that we have a college here and I would love to see more full university programs offered in Cornwall. Maybe then, I could teach here! Someday…
  • I love that I keep hearing about our youth choosing to explore the world and then choosing to bring their education and experience back to Cornwall.
  • I love that there are great family activities and services offered in French and English.
  • I love that Cornwall continues to become a more diverse population.
  • I love that our library is in a beautiful central building and that it offers good resources and many great programs. I loved entering the writing contest at the Cornwall Public Library.
  • I love visiting nearby educational sites: Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary, Cooper Marsh, Upper Canada Village.
  • I love that I can get to Ottawa, Montreal, and the USA very easily!
  • Most of all….I love the PIZZA in Cornwall!!! LOL
  • One more: I love that someone thought to create a positive space to discuss all that our community has to offer.

I know you cannot see it for the snow, but I’m quite certain our grass just got a little bit greener! 🙂

This article was originally posted in www.ChooseCornwall.ca