About Team Cornwall

“Team Cornwall exists to spread the word about Cornwall’s positive attributes as a city in which to live and do business. Team Members, acting as ambassadors, use their own networks to deliver timely information about the community and growing our city’s economic development opportunities.”


In the early 1990’s, a group of local business and professional people decided to be optimistic and enthusiastic about the future of our city‚Ķ and Team Cornwall was born.

The goals and objectives were clear then and still are today. Our goal was to create an organization of business and professional people with the primary purpose of promoting the commercial, industrial, social and civic interest of our community.

Our objective is to utilize our members’ individual networks to spread the news about Cornwall, to help promote the development opportunities that exist in the city, and to leave behind a very positive impression of a community working together.

Today we can proud of our accomplishments. By working together we have created an ambassadorial team of over 400 individuals. Through this unique economic development effort, an optimistic spirit has spread across our city, as we welcome new businesses and residents.

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