10-plus Years of Ambassadorial Excellence

The following explores Team Cornwall’s history via a timeline.

1996 Bob Peters, at the current time the Economic Development Officer for the City of Cornwall, comes up with the idea of Team Cornwall. He is promoting the City at a trade show. Nearby are economic development officials from Iowa, who are promoting the fact that the movie Field of Dreams was shot in their region. They are using baseball-card themed business cards.Peters envisions a similar program for Cornwall, but on much broader and longer term scale. Instead of municipal officials using the cards, local business leaders would become goodwill ambassadors for the City.
1996 Bob Peters runs the idea before Paul Fitzpatrick, Manager of Economic Development, who suggests private sector leadership. The idea is pitched to Terry Landon, owner of Re/Max Cornwall Realty, who is looking to attract new companies to take up vacant industrial and commercial space. Landon likes the idea and suggests the input of others. He brings up the idea at a round-table session on economic renewal being hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members Paul Lefebvre (Best Western Parkway Inn), Bryan Merkley (Academy of Learning) and George Assaly (Jay-Gee Shoes) are among those who are asked to help develop the program further.
1996 The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is approached for support. Executive Manager Lezlie Strasser immediately offers administrative assistance.
1996 Terry Landon heads the business group exploring the idea of Team Cornwall. Their first priorities are to develop the parameters of the program and to seek members.
1997 Team Cornwall is included in the annual budget of Cornwall Economic Development as a supported program .
1997 Team Cornwall is publicly unveiled at the Chamber’s Economic Renewal Committee meeting on February 19th.
1997 Rick Eamon, Cornwall Chamber President, is made Honourary Team Captain.
1997 Paul Lefebvre is elected the first official chair of Team Cornwall.
1997 The first batch of 36 Team Cornwall cards roll off the presses in March. The cards are designed by local ad agency Persuasive Design. Included in this first batch are André Pommier, Phil Lamarche, Denis Thibault, Brian Hunt, Nick Gray, Denis Carr, Bruce Maynard, Rich Shaver, Diane Wallace, Helmut Kolbinger, Carolyn Dexter, Brian Sylvester and Peter Padbury.
1997 The inaugural meeting of Team Cornwall is held on March 19th, 1997. 150 people attend – 122 commit to joining the team. The inaugural themes are “Gathering the Region’s Best” and “Together we can do it”. The meeting is started off with a song titled “This Town Was Made for You and Me”, written and performed by Ernie Seguin, then principal of St. John Bosco school.
1997 More Team Cornwall cards are printed. Distributing new cards are Peter Gault, Bob Kilger, Jim McClennan, Susan Carter, John Markell, Claude Macintosh, Mark Smelko and Rory MacLennan – to name just a few!.
1998 George Assaly is elected the second chair of Team Cornwall.
1998 Team Cornwall meeting are held quarterly, and new companies investing in the City are welcomed publicly, helping to ease their establishment in the City.
1999 John Diviniski is elected the third chair of Team Cornwall.
2001 Gilles Latour is elected chair of Team Cornwall.
2001 Economic Development manager Paul Fitzpatrick addresses the team on local economic activity. It is the first of what is to become an annual “Year in Review” report.
2002 The official website of Team Cornwall, TeamCornwall.com, is launched.
2002 Olympic gold medalist Lori Dupuis is made Honourary Team Captain.
2002 PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of Canada’s leading consultancy firms, recognizes Team Cornwall as a “highly successful ambassador program” whose “credibility is tremendous”.
2002 Prime Minister Jean Chretien is made an Honourary Team member.
2003 World-class gymnast and future Olympian Melanie Banville is made Honourary Team Captain.
2005 New members continue to join Team Cornwall, pushing the membership over 250. Team Cornwall cards can be found in the hands of people on several continents.
2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper is made an Honourary Team member.
2006 CTV legend Max Keeping is made an Honourary Team member.
2006 Team Cornwall celebrates its 10th year anniversary.
2009 Astronaut Andrew Feustel is made an Honourary Team member.
2011 Boxer Tony Luis is made an Honourary Team member.
2011 Broadcaster Kurt Stoodley is made an Honourary Team member.
2012 Soccer star Christina Julien is made an Honourary Team member.