This Town Was Made For You and Me

This song was written by Ernie Seguin, a local educator and singer in Cornwall. It was unveiled at the first Team Cornwall meeting on March 19th, 1997. Ernie added verses here and there over the years, but these are the original lyrics.

 This Town Was Made For You And Me

This Cornwall’s My town
This Cornwall’s your town
We’ve gotta build up
We’re not gonna stay down
Our folks can see that
We’re on the move now
This town belongs to you and meAs I went walking along the river
The awesome beauty, it made me shiver
I stopped to talk to the people walking
They said ” This town was made for you and me”

We’ve whined and grumbled and we’ve let the world in
On all our secrets and every small sin
It’s time we looked at the other side now
And said “This town is made for you and me”

We’ve got a work force ready to go now
We’ve got location, and we’ve got the know-how
We’ve got the talent, second to none and
We know that: This town is made for you and me.

Glory Glory Allelluia
Cornwall’s on the move
And it’s thanks to Ya
Our spirit will prevail
Don’t let them fool ya
We’re moving forward now

We have great people, great recreation
And entertainment, and arts are certain
Its country living in a city setting
Just right for you and right for me.