Corey Kalsi, Team Cornwall Member Of The Day!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013


The Spotlighted member of the day chosen is Corey Kalsi. Being such a great representative and ambassador to our city, we have interviewed him about: the community, Team Cornwall and his role in Cornwall. Being part of a family company here in Cornwall, Corey explains his views on why he loves the area and the future of this town!


1.        In your opinion, what are the top 2 benefits of having a Team Cornwall Ecard member profile?


–          I believe the Ecard has provided a unique opportunity to be profiled alongside my fellow Team Cornwall members. It gives the community a way to easily search Team members, and gives us the opportunity to share information about our businesses, and why we choose to be a part of the Team.


–          The Ecard also allows those who are interested in learning more about our community a wide network of contacts to choose from.


–          It also highlights how diverse our group truly is, and promotes the different types of business in our community.


 2.        What are the top 3 things that make Cornwall a great city to live in? Did you chose to live in Cornwall and why?


–          Community, Family, and Opportunity. We are a strong and proud community, as can be seen by how involved we as Team Cornwall members and everyone in our community are, as can be seen through philanthropic endeavours, economic growth, educational institutions, and our welcoming atmosphere.


–          One of the main reasons why I chose to stay in the area is my family and community roots. Being from our community is something very important to me, and I strongly believe that this is a great place for family, for those who have existing ties to the community, and those who are calling it home for the first time. There are still so many opportunities to be found in our area, and I find all of the new ventures coming to our community, expansion, and development to be a very exciting time for all of us to see and experience.


3.        You meet someone on vacation that has never heard of Cornwall but knows about Ontario, in a brief paragraph how would you explain your community.


–          I would emphasize how our community is ever-growing and that we are in an era of development. I would say that our community is dedicated to philanthropy, as can be seen by how our community supports organizations, such as the Cornwall Hospital Foundation, Children’s Treatment Center, Agape, The United Way – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our community offers a lot for families and those wanting to seek out new opportunities.


 4.        What does the future of Cornwall hold in your mind?


–          I think Cornwall’s future is bright and we need people dedicated to continue the work that has begun by community builders. We need people who are willing to help our community grow and prosper, and I truly believe that we are on the right path.


–          The Cornwall I knew as a child is very different than it is today – it was great back then and I think it is only going to keep getting better as we continue to develop.


5.        How can you describe the role of Team Cornwall. What do you like about the organization the most?


–          The role of Team Cornwall, in my belief, is to be ambassadors for all the great aspects of our community, including the great things that are in development.


–          We as Team members are proud to be part of this community, and we love to talk about the possibilities. The diverse nature of the group brings experience from many sectors and people at different stages of their lives and careers.

–          The thing I love the most about our Team is that it welcomes, encourages, and promotes all the great opportunities in our community, and looks to the future.


6.        Describes your field of work at the company you are presently working for and the things you do as a career every day.      (Business name, description, your every day job, etc)


–          Kalrim Cycles and Sports / Kalrim Industries Limited

I am privileged to continue to be a part of my family’s company, Kalrim Cycles and Sports with my father Cookie Kalsi. We are looking forward to our 25th anniversary in retail in 2014, and to many more years of serving our amazing customers.


–          Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario

I am also a teacher with the CDSBEO, currently in the role of Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) at St. Columban’s Catholic School. Prior to this school year, I spent six amazing years at St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School, where I taught Computer Studies, Computer Engineering Technology, and Business. I had the opportunity to be Lead Teacher for the Specialist High Skills Major in Business, a specialization program that helps prepare students for post-secondary education and work experience in any field of Business they choose.