Cornwall Connections in Halifax

Thursday, November 13th, 2014
Peter-Gault-Pat Caron

Team Cornwall Chair Peter Gault and Pat Caron pose in Halifax with the 2014 Cornwall Living magazine.

Peter Gault likes to golf. He also likes meeting new people.

The new Team Cornwall Chair was recently on a trip to the Maritimes when he noticed a unique golf challenge on the Halifax waterfront. A company called H2O Golf had set up a floating golf green in the Halifax harbour and were inviting golfers to go for the green.

Mr. Gault stepped up and hit his 60 degree wedge and watched as his ball disappeared into the cup. The hole in one won him a new golf club.

“It was a fun competition and helped highlight Halifax’s connection to the ocean,” remarked Mr. Gault.

The fun started when Mr. Gault drop by Golf Central to pick up his new Callaway Driver.

There he met Pat Logan ,the manager of the Golf Central store. As Mr. Gault was wearing his Team Cornwall jacket, the conversation quickly turned to Cornwall.

It turns out that Pat lived in Cornwall at one time, and his father worked at the local Parks Canada office. Pat learned to golf at Archie’s and now works in the industry.

“I rarely travel without somebody commenting on my Team Cornwall  jacket,” says Mr. Gault. “It is a real ice breaker.”

Pat’s wife, Chrysaleen Aitkenhead, also hails from Cornwall, however the two never met while in town.

Pat and Chrysaleen stopped in Cornwall this summer as they were travelling through and both were impressed with the changes they saw. They remarked about the positive changes along Water Street and in the Downtown. They had a chance to see the Benson Centre and the new bridge.

“It is always interesting to hear what former residents think of the transformation Cornwall has gone through in the past few years,” says Mr. Gault. “To a person, people are impressed.”

Team Cornwall has sent Pat and Chrysaleen a couple of Team Cornwall golf shirts to help them promote Cornwall in Halifax.

It seems no matter where people travel, they will find a Cornwall connection somewhere. Do you have a story to share? Drop us a line using our Contact Us form.