Focus Art show at Cornwall Square

Monday, February 24th, 2014
Focus Art Show at Cornwall Square

The venue is located right next to Sears, on the second floor

The art scene is an important part of the culture of any town, spicing it up with local flavour and finesse that would otherwise be missing. Art improves the quality of life, provides opportunities for personal development and promotes tourism. This is why the current Focus Art’s Members’ Show is such good news for the city. It opened up at theCornwall Square shopping mall last Thursday and is expected to run February 20th-22nd and February 27-March 1st, 2014.

The venue provides amazing exposure opportunities for the artists, with an average of 8 to 10 thousand people passing through the downtown mall in the course of the weekend. The opportunity came up when a store closed down next to Sears, leaving the premises vacant for a number of days. Jennifer MacIsaac, the Square’s Marketing Director, decided to use this opportunity wisely and agreed to Focus Art  having their show at this time. Le Centre culturel de Cornwall sponsored the insurance.

I happened to be passing by just as the ladies were setting up and had to stop in my tracks, drawn into the conversation about art and the wonderful work that Focus Art has been doing in the city. They are a non-profit organization seeking to promote the local visual arts, increasing public awareness as well as providing opportunities for exposure, support and professional development to its members. The group meets once a month and has regular workshops in a variety of media. They also put up several exhibitions in the course of the year, including anAnnual Juried Show in the Fall at the Cornwall Public Library.

Carolyn H. Davis Waldron

Carolyn H. Davis Waldron with her painting.

“The best part about Focus Art,” said Carolyn H. Davis Waldron, the group’s member as well as a board director of Your Arts Council ,“is how friendly everyone is. Focus Art is very diverse and welcoming. I come from Toronto originally, and this group has really helped me feel like I belong in Cornwall. We speak both English and French. We are open to all forms and styles of art: abstract, realism, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, sculpture – you name it! It’s great to exchange ideas and learn from each other”.

The association is non-profit and composed of volunteers. Everyone is working hard to overcome a number of challenges: “Sometimes it’s hard to get such a good venue, and then you need to get the artists to come out with their work and to volunteer their time to set up and supervise the show. Then you need to let the public know about it. It’s a challenge, but it is worth it!” said Rose Desnoyers, President. “We have all been striving to raise funds for a Centre for the Arts in Cornwall. I think we’re getting closer to our goal every day. There are other art groups in town that want the same thing: TAG Gallery, OBO studios, YAC, Advisory Board, and others. I think that the development of the arts is really important to the growth of the city”.

As we talked I realized that all the claims are true: Focus Art is a talented, creative and friendly bunch who do a lot of important work. So next time you are at The Square, shopping or having lunch at the food court, drop by to support these “SUPER LADIES!” and to check out local talent on February 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, or the 1st of March. If you look hard enough, you will even be able to find two artworks by Yours Truly!


Registration of artwork before the show.