Ground Soap Selected as a Top Ethical Brand in America

Thursday, February 16th, 2012
Angela Youngs Ground Soap

Angela Youngs of Ground Soap

Angela Youngs has always been fascinated by scents – it was a driving factor in the creation of her soap-making business Ground Soap. The environment is also a passion, and Angela’s soaps are all made from natural ingredients and packaged in batik cotton.

It’s the all-natural environment-friendly attributes of the entire product line that has led online retailer Ethical Ocean to feature Ground Soap in its online store.

“Ground Soap is one of the best ethical brands in America,” said Chad Hamre, CEO of Ethical Ocean.  “In fact, we have taken a close look at over 3,000 ethical consumer companies and selected Ground Soap as one of the top 200.”

Ethical Ocean is an e-commerce business “with a conscience” that features close to 4,000 organic, vegan, fairly-traded and eco-friendly products, including fashions, accessories, cosmetics, house wares, sporting goods – and soap.

“While on a road trip to Montreal, we started talking about how difficult it is for people to buy stuff that they know is good for the world,” said Chad Hamre, CEO of Ethical Ocean. “I had just wrapped up a year living in the UK where the market for ethical products was booming ($56 billion in 2008), but here in North America it was all but non-existent.”

Ethical Ocean was featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2011. The company has since gone on to raise $500k from Canadian investors and is rapidly growing, creating a marketplace which facilitates the sale and purchase of all things ethical.

“I am really excited to be featured on the Ethical Ocean website, and honoured to have been selected as one of the of top 200 ethical brands in America,” said Angela Youngs, soapmaker and owner of Ground Soap. “Taking care of our planet and ourselves is a responsibility that nobody can take lightly. All of our soaps are 100% organic and wild harvested. But perhaps more importantly, people love the soaps – which just goes to show you that you can be responsible and have good, clean fun doing it at the same time!”

Click here to watch a video interview of Angela on CTV Morning Live.

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