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We want you to join our team!
Simply fill out the application form below to become a member of Team Cornwall. Team Cornwall Members utilize their own individual networks to deliver timely information about the community and its growing development opportunities, and in doing so, act as ambassadors for the City’s economic development effort.

You do not have to be a resident of the City of Cornwall in order to join, but obviously knowing Cornwall well and agreeing to promote the region’s advantages are a big part of a member’s responsibilities.

Join Team Cornwall today!
Joining the team has never been simpler! Head over to our registration page and fill out our form. Once submitted, one of our team members will get in touch with you to guide you the rest of the way.

Use your Team Cornwall cards to promote yourself as well as the City, and use your Team Cornwall Online Profile page to build your presence on the Internet. There are several Team meetings and events throughout the year.

What do you get?
All money goes towards the cost of designing and printing your Team Cornwall cards and e-card. In other words, Team Cornwall collects no annual membership fees. Specifically, all new Team members receive the following:

Your Photo Your photo taken in the studio by professional photographer and Team member Dan Morency.
100 Cards Your very own famous team cards to hand out around the world! As a new Team Cornwall member, you will receive a minimum of 100 full colour business cards, in the format of popular sport cards.These cards feature your photo and name on the front, and contact information about yourself on the back, along with a marketing message about the City.
E-Card An E-Card – your very own page on the Team Cornwall website – it works hard to promote you and your company 24 hours each day!The E-Card includes your Team photo, expanded information about yourself (up to 400 words), links to your e-mail and website and your company logo.
There is an annual maintenance fee of $50 to maintain the Online Profile Page.