Ladies And Gentleman, Jason Jesmer!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Jason JesmerToday’s Team Cornwall member of the day is Jason Jesmer! He is a very important ambassador to the great city of Cornwall. Jason has been a Team Cornwall Ambassador for a duration of 8 years and continues the positivity towards our city each day. We would like to thank you Jason for your leadership and kindness by making you our Team Cornwall Ecard Member of the day!

1.     In your opinion, what are the top 2 benefits of having a Team Cornwall Ecard member profile?

– Google my name…it’s the first image that pops up online.

– The ability to manage my own profile within a network of other community ambassadors.

2.       What are the top 3 things that make Cornwall a great city to live in? Did you chose to live in Cornwall and why?

– Great community to raise a family with just the right amount of activity for my lifestyle.

– Proximity to major markets; Ottawa, Montreal, and even Toronto and New York are less than a day away.

– The community’s resiliency and upward momentum in recent years show great signs of growth.

– I chose to live in Cornwall to be close to family and stay connected with the friends I have made over the years.  If there is ever a time that I want to do something that the City cannot offer, I save so much on standard living costs, that I can afford to do what I want within reason elsewhere.

3.       You meet someone on vacation that has never heard of Cornwall but knows about Ontario, in a brief paragraph how would you explain your community.

We are 1 hour west of Montreal along the 401 and only 1 hour away from Ottawa, our nation’s Capital. We have a bridge to the US in our community that crosses the Beautiful St. Lawrence River.  We have over 40 kms of bike paths and each year our community comes together along the Waterfront to enjoy a host of scheduled events that draw thousands of spectators together.  The city is small enough to get from one end to the other in less than a dozen stoplights but large enough to gain the attention of National Organizations willing to set-up shop here to employ hundreds people from around the community.

4.       What does the future of Cornwall hold in your mind?

Opportunity; it continues to show signs of growth. We are living in exciting times in Cornwall which I am proud to be witnessing these positive changes.

5.       How can you describe the role of Team Cornwall. What do you like about the organization the most?

– To be ambassadors to the community and educate both residents AND potential residents ALIKE on what Cornwall has to offer.

– What I like about the organization the most is the positive attitude that is common amongst all members. We all share a common goal; to grow the community and promote it is a positive way. You don’t have to do anything out of the norm.

6.       Describes your field of work at the company you are presently working for and the things you do as a career every day.      (Business name, description, your every day job, etc)

Drake International: Canada provides a full suite of Talent Management Solutions focusing on improving the productivity and performance of your human capital.  I meet with business leaders to understand their labour needs and provide them with meaningful solutions through recruitment or other performance/profit enhancing solutions.