New Video Explores Cornwall’s Response to Logistics Success

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Coming Up Cornwall : Video Part 2Addressing the people needs of the supply chain sector in Eastern Ontario, in particular in the City of Cornwall, is the subject of a new video produced by Adam Ledlow, Managing Editor of Transportation Matters, an online video channel produced byCanadian Transportation & Logsitics.

The video includes interviews with Don Fairweather of St. Lawrence College and Kevin Maynard of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

St. Lawrence College is currently looking at establishing a Centre of Excellence for the Supply Chain Sector in Cornwall, and recently invited dozen of high school officials to an information session. At the meeting, logistics industry reps and City of Cornwall officials discussed how community schools and employers can help support the city’s growing logistics sector.

“With the emergence of supply chain management sector jobs in Cornwall and greater Eastern Ontario, St. Lawrence College is looking at what type of programming we should be providing to support the industry,” said Don Fairweather, Dean of the Cornwall Campus of St. Lawrence College. “We have created an advisory committee with members from local companies and they are advising us on what they need and how we can help.”

Mr. Fairweather expects that a report from the advisory committee, complete with program recommendations, will be completed this year. This fast-track approach is supported by Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

“There has been a lot of engagement from the municipality, from learning institutions like St. Lawrence College, from employers and other groups, to look at opportunities to work together for a common goal,” said Mr. Maynard.”The community has been very successful in attracting new businesses, particularly in warehousing and distrubiton and what we see now is engagement from other aspects of the community in responding to the demands of the new companies, particularly labour market development.”

“Accessing new talented people for supply chain, providing opportunities for upgrading skill sets and knowledge at St. Lawrence College and creating that linkage from secondary schools is very important,” he added.

This is the second video on the development of Cornwall’s logistics sector by Mr. Ledlow. You can view both videos by clicking on the following links:


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