Siân Dawson an extraordinary ambassador!

Monday, January 13th, 2014
  1. In your opinion, what are the top 2 benefits of having a Team Cornwall Ecard member profile?

The e-cards are great, it allows easy access of information relating to local individuals allowing you to also put faces to names.

Anyone looking at your profile then gets a real indication of local spirit and how driven Cornwall is by the members and profiles listed.


2.  What are the top 3 things that make Cornwall a great city to live in? Did you chose to live in Cornwall and why?

I am not from Canada and moved here from Wales, this is a question I get asked regularly by people “why Cornwall?” Cornwall has the best of everything. Countryside all around us yet all the amenities in town. If you want the city feel we are within traveling distance of major cities to make day trips / weekends possible, we have the great outdoors, a great community and a great spirit so my answer is “why not Cornwall?”.


3.  You meet someone on vacation that has never heard of Cornwall but knows about Ontario, in a brief paragraph how would you explain your community.

Cornwall is the gem between Ottawa and Montreal, with a community that believes in their town and in their future.


4.  What does the future of Cornwall hold in your mind?

I have seen so many changes already in the 8 years I have been in Cornwall and I think we will still continue to change and grow. It’s great to see the diversification of the town and the people coming in to assist with this growth. I believe Cornwall will be a different community and place again in 5 years-time and all for the best.


5.  How can you describe the role of Team Cornwall. What do you like about the organization the most?

It’s easy for every community to claim their loyalty and community spirit. Team Cornwall shows it; showing the passion behind the town and the passion of the people who live, work and play here.


6.  Describes your field of work at the company you are presently working for and the things you do as a career every day. (Business name, description, your every day job, etc)


Drake International provides a full suite of Talent Management Solutions across Canada. Established in Winnipeg in 1951 we are Canadian born and bred and were the first organization in Canada to provide staffing services to the business community, where as we now have many competitors in this field we still remain the top in service, delivery and performance.

I am the Regional Manager for Eastern Canada covering from Halifax to Toronto, based in Cornwall also sitting on the Leadership Team for Canada.

Every day job – I don’t have an every-day job as every day is different, being in conversation with different cities, different companies and organizations across my region. I also manage the services directly for Cornwall, recruiting daily and ensuring the best fit for the job.