SLC Sharks are Great Ambassadors for Cornwall

Friday, May 8th, 2015
2015 SLC Sharks Women's Hockey Team Win Gold

2015 SLC Sharks Women’s Hockey Team Win Gold

The hockey season of 2014-2015 proved to be very successful for the St. Lawrence College Sharks. At the Challenge Cup in March, the Men’s and Women’s SLC hockey teams earned silver and gold medals respectively. Despite the overwhelming success of the SLC Sharks, their success does not come as a surprise to many supporters of college hockey. St. Lawrence College has a long history of success in athletics and in particular the Cornwall campus has iced some very competitive hockey teams for several years. In fact, 2015 was the second consecutive year that the women’s team has been crowned Ontario Champs. With such a consistent record for athletic success, one wonders what formula inspires the team to achieve their goals.

At first glance, one might think that the SLC Sharks are successful simply because they recruit many good players. This is true. Cornwall has an inherently strong hockey case, in part due to the very popular boys and girls hockey program. Youth skills are improved by dozens of educated volunteer coaches. St. Lawrence College immediately has a head start on other programs. Despite this, individuals with great hockey skills alone do not necessarily make a great college hockey team. Another key factor is the presence of co-coaches, Sean Boulerice and Mike Pettinella. These two talented individuals know how to motivate and energize players. Both Boulerice and Pettinella coach the men’s and women’s team and are well supported by the college administration.

St. Lawrence College puts a premium on fostering well rounded students in addition to strong athletic performances. The SLC Sharks require that their student athletes meet a certain academic standard to participate. Although this rule seems rather simple, the ramifications are vast. The rule motivates athletically inclined students to strive for better marks and helps cement a team of intelligent individuals; future ambassadors of Cornwall.

The college also gets support from the community. Many of the Team Cornwall ambassadors help support the programs where these students thrive. Most of this team support comes in the form of bursaries. As such, many students that want to pursue a post-secondary education in Cornwall are able to due to the philanthropic nature of the community. More information on the Team Cornwall Bursary Program is available on our website.

Most graduates from the Saint Lawrence College pursue successful careers following their time with the team or program they value. Many anticipate that these graduates will be the future leaders of Cornwall. This is not coincidence. Because the city helps support education and sporting programs, students moulded by the challenging environment of college gain the skills and values required to precede the team that helped them. Excellence in Cornwall is ultimately a circular process.