Summer Beer Fest

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Nav Center

Excitement is brewing as Cornwall’s first Summer Beer Fest is fast approaching. On July 11th, Summer Beer Fest will be held at the Jet Set Pub Patio in the NAV Center. At this hallowed event, beer and food enthusiasts alike can enjoy an event designed to satisfy their cravings for craft beers or delicious food. While this event serves primarily to expose people to the breweries and restaurants of Cornwall and the surrounding areas, it’s also an event where beer lovers can meet for an afternoon and enjoy themselves. Amongst these beer lovers will no doubt be many members of Team Cornwall. This event is expected to be a slam dunk for beer drinkers and local businesses alike.

Summer Beer Fest is being held at a beautiful venue: The NAV Center. This is an ideal location for this event because the NAV Center is fully staffed and possesses a spacious patio able to support the large clientele that goes into creating such an event. Furthermore, the ”pot luck” nature of the festival ensures that additional staffing from the restaurants and breweries participating will be provided to support the event.

Restaurants and breweries alike will be able to showcase their most popular dishes and beers, much to the enjoyment of the Summer Beer Fest attendee. These breweries include Big Rig Brewery from Ottawa and Cassel Brewery from Casselman, to name a few. Summer Beer Fest allows attendees to try beers that are not easily accessible to locals. The festival brings multiple breweries from multiple areas to Cornwall, which means that beer lovers can discover new stouts and ales that cannot be replicated by other commercial beers due to the signature taste of particular breweries. Most of the restaurants that will be attending the event are already well known, such as Truffles &Table 21and Moustache Joe’s. Many of these restaurants have reputations for excellence in wining and dining their patrons, yet this event is special because it allows you to get a taste for the restaurants without committing to a sit down style meal. This festival combines fine dining with the convenience of outdoor food vendors so people attending the event can dine and dash to the nearest beer of interest.

In short, Summer Beer Fest will allow people to explore new tastes in one convenient location. Depending on the success of the event and the reception of different brews, this festival might encourage breweries to settle in Cornwall. Since there is a shortage of craft breweries directly in the city, this event could serve as a cultural and economic catalyst to our city. Most importantly, hopefully the event is well received and so we can do it all over again next year. For additional details about the event, click the link here.