Team Cornwall eCards – A Valuable Tool!

Did you know each Team Cornwall member can have their very own page on the Team Cornwall web site?



When people join Team Cornwall, they automatically are profiled on the site with a page we call an eCard.  Each Team Cornwall eCard includes:

  • Team Cornwall Card Image
  • Member Profile (400 word write up)
  • Contact info
  • Company Logo
  • Social Media links

Working for You

Your eCard is a web page that anybody can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.  The Team Members section is a very popular area of the website, profiling over 300 business and community leaders.

The eCard is indexed by all major search engines, including Google. Your eCard helps potential customers find you and your company website.

Your eCard also stands as a testament to your belief in the future of Cornwall. It also has the secondary benefit of improving your own website’s search engine ranking!

All in all, it is estimated that the eCard delivers hundreds of dollars of value each year!

Enchancing the Power of an eCard

Many Team Cornwall members add a link to their eCard on their email signature file.  Some members even use a stylized image that shows the recipient just how valuable Team Cornwall is.

In much the same way, other members have added links to their eCards on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It is an very effective way of getting people to learn more about you, your company, and the values you represent.

Keeping It Current

You have direct access to your eCard so keeping it up-to-date is simple and easy. Check it on a regular basis to make sure that the eCard is directing people to the right phone numbers, social media contacts and that your company information and logo is current.

Is your card image outdated? We have a simple fix – new cards! We will arrange to have a new photo taken, and soon you will have a new card image on your eCard. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling.

Are you missing from the list of active eCards?

Not every member has an active eCard – for a number of reasons. If you cannot see your profile, contact the Team Cornwall membership committee and we’ll set you up.

There are no annual membership dues for Team Cornwall members. The eCard is free for the first year of membership, after which a $50 annual fee applies. eCard fees are used to offset the cost of maintaining the Team Cornwall website.