Valérie Doré, Excellent Team Cornwall Ambassador!

Monday, July 6th, 2015


Today’s Team Cornwall member of the day is Valérie Doré! She is a very important ambassador to the great city of Cornwall. Valérie has been a Team Cornwall Ambassador since October 2012 and continues the positivity towards our city each day. We would like to thank you, Valérie, for your leadership and kindness by making you our Team Cornwall Ecard Member of the day!

Being chosen as a Team Cornwall Spotlight Member means you have set a positive vibe about the city of Cornwall. We would like to thank you by asking a couple questions about the Ecard membership and our community then posting them on our website. The post will demonstrate a good feedback on: the online membership, our city, and your business. Thanks again for being a great citizen!


1. In your opinion, what are the top 2 benefits of having a Team Cornwall Ecard member profile?


The greatest benefit of having a Team Cornwall Ecard profile, in my opinion, is that it increases my visibility in the cyber world and helps to attract potential clients to our community for their legal services. It is also great when traveling because the Ecard can be handed out to people you’ve just met and encourage them to check out our website and see what our city is all about.


2.        What are the top 3 things that make Cornwall a great city to live in? Did you chose to live in Cornwall and why?


I ventured to the Maritimes to complete my law degree but I always knew it was temporary and that I would return home to practice law. Being bilingual, Cornwall encourages franco-ontarians to promote and support services offered in French within our community.  It has a small city feel, yet offers services found in bigger cities. Cornwall has very strong leaders and entrepreneurs that promote development within our city and has an amazing variety of independent local shops and restaurants.


3.        You meet someone on vacation that has never heard of Cornwall but knows about Ontario, in a brief paragraph how would you explain your community.


A bilingual community, nestled between Québec, our nation’s capital, and the United States of America with a beautiful waterfront that promotes active living with a 75 km bicycle path and great parks.


4.        What does the future of Cornwall hold in your mind?


I think Cornwall is going to continue to grow and flourish at a rapid speed. I am amazed at the growth that I’ve seen since I’ve been back. I am also amazed at what Cornwall has lined up for the next few years in terms of development. I encourage everyone to participate in Team Cornwall’s Year in Review on December 18th to see what Cornwall has lined up.


5.        How can you describe the role of Team Cornwall. What do you like about the organization the most?


That’s an easy one: the promotion of our great City through its awesome ambassadors! The Team Cornwall Family is great: they’re welcoming, social media savvy and constantly plugged in to what’s happening in our community.


6.        Describes your field of work at the company you are presently working for and the things you do as a career every day.      (Business name, description, your every day job, etc).


I articled with McDonald Duncan LLP and became an associate lawyer with the firm upon my call to the bar in 2011. We are a full service law firm with extensive experience in all areas of law. We have a gorgeous building in downtown Cornwall and we invite everyone to come visit us and to see how we can help service them!