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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Local volunteer in running for $100,000 Kraft Hockey Goes On program

Rod McLeod

Rod McLeod, a lifelong Cornwall native, Educator, Community Volunteer, Past Citizen of the Year and President of the Cornwall Girls Hockey Association has made it to the final 100 Hockey Volunteers in Canada in the running to be rewarded with a Kraft Hockey Goes On program prize.

The Kraft Hockey Goes On is an exciting new program that celebrates and recognizes local hockey supporters. Through the program, $1 million dollars will be awarded to Hockey Canada-affiliated minor hockey associations across Canada.

“Rod is a great person, and puts everything he has into assisting all skill and age levels of the CGHA” says Dominique Laroche one of many people who nominated McLeod for this program.

Now that the top 100 from coast to coast have been chosen it will soon be time to vote on March 23 & 24th. During this 48 hour time period people will be able to vote as many times as they like on the Kraft web site

Marc Campeau, of the CGHA Marketing Committee says, “Let’s vote often, it’s up to us if we are going to be part of the winning team, and best of all we can all vote as many times as we wish, and remember every vote counts.”

The Top 25 nominees who receive the most votes will be rewarded the money for their selected minor hockey association. In total there will be 5 winners of $100,000, one per region, and 20 winners of $20,000, 4 per region.

McLeod states, “ I am totally blown away on being nominated, truly an honour, and to top it off by being part of the top 100 in the Country, it makes me proud of what we have accomplished as a City and a Region in the way of healthy lifestyles. Over the years I have witnessed firsthand how sports activities can truly make a difference in a person’s life, the kids that have grown into adults and are still active in weekly sporting activities are proof of this.”

 Rod McLeod Kraft Hockey Goes On Top 100
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Marc Campeau
CGHA Marketing Committee

David Murphy
CGHA Marketing Committee